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Eva & Liz: Legal powerhouses find their niche in the Pacific Northwest

Published in the fall 2019 edition of Willamette Lawyer, the magazine of the first law school in the Pacific Northwest. Excerpt and link to read the full article follows.

Eva Kripalani JD’86 and Liz Large JD’96 learn the path to success lies in relationships rather than being “the quintessential lawyer.”

In the early 1980s, Eva Kripalani JD’86 made her way through law school at Willamette Law. It was a time she thoroughly enjoyed, much more so than her undergraduate studies. She participated in Law Review, graduating near the top of her class in 1986.

Ten years later, Kripalani’s “shadow,” Liz Large JD’96, followed in her steps through Willamette Law and Law Review, although the two didn’t meet for many more years.

Continue reading the article on page 16 of Willamette Lawyer, The magazine of the first law school in the Pacific Northwest:


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