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Over more than two decades, Karin has taken a pragmatic approach to commercial and corporate transactions, emphasizing the touch appropriate for the size, complexity, and risk profile of the deal in balance with her clients’ policies and preferences, whether an early-stage technology company, venture fund, or Fortune 50 enterprise. Karin has papered thousands of technology transactions, from a $68M technology transfer to multi-million, multi-year SaaS transactions, and understands how regulatory frameworks like HIPAA and intellectual property licensing issues might affect a party’s obligations as part of those transactions.

Karin has a strong background in intellectual property, privacy and corporate matters and frequently advises clients on these issues. Karin has served as managing partner of a boutique law firm, as of-counsel for a mid-size Portland law firm, as CEO and in-house counsel for a technology start-up, and as contracted in-house counsel for large corporations. She is passionate about legal operations and helps in-house legal teams increase their organizational value by better managing their business-as-usual contracting with faster turn-around times, better collaboration, and consistently resolved risk.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Karin enjoyed a 10-year career in marketing and corporate communications. In addition to her JD, Karin has an MBA in International Management and International Marketing and is licensed to practice in Oregon.

Karin McKercher

Independent Network Attorney

Karin McKercher

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